Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frankie Says Relapse- Siobhan Curham


Pages: 310

Published: 2003

Date Finished: 10th July 2011

Recommend it: Yes – Find it and read it

It is a scorching May Bank Holiday and Caitlin Kennedy’s marriage is in meltdown, her daughter dreams of being adopted by Britney Spears and her four-year-old son has just declared he wishes to be renamed Daphne. Where did it all go so horribly wrong? In a bid to find out Caitlin retrieves her long lost diary from 1984 and is sent hurtling back into her past. Back to a time where t-shirts urged everyone to ‘Dig Deep for the Miners’ and ‘RELAX’ and an angst ridden teenager embarked upon her search for a ‘real’ man.
As we journey back with Caitlin, we slowly piece together the events that transformed a fun-loving romantic into a wise-cracking cynic. But there are still pieces missing from the jigsaw; pieces that Caitlin has been too scared to search out before. Forced to confront her past for once and for all, she finally discovers the answer to the eternal question, what if? Synopsis- Siobhan Curham


Loving this book from the moment I brought it, it was not surprising that I devoured the novel yet again. There was still so much to learn from the story and I found I noticed things that I hadn’t when reading it previously. While I didn’t get the same feeling from reading it as I did the first I did find myself laughing and almost crying in places as I remembered not only the story itself, but memories from the times I was reading it. More than a trip down memory lane I was enlightened and brought back into a time before my own.

As I come into adult hold myself I questioned myself, the impact of first love and how they can affect you. For some, they move on, but for others they are a part of your life that you can never forget. What does it mean to be in love? How do we move on? These and so many more questions are explored throughout this novel which makes it perfect not for adults, but for young adults as well. Think it’s a chick-lit romance, think again ‘Frankie Says Relapse’ is a brilliant combination of many genres and can be enjoyed by so many.

Written in a diary format for most of the novel, Siobhan’s writing fast becomes addictive. It made it all the more enjoyable for me being a fan of Anne Frank, and as she addresses her diary to Anne I lost myself in Caitlin’s world and in the world in my mind. I love that her style of writing can evoke humour in my spirit, and provoke me to grab out my own journals. I never wanted to stop reading.

I do recommend anyone who hasn’t read this book to search for it and read it. It is one of my favourites and always will be. I can’t bear to ever get rid of it and I cannot wait to read it again a few years down the track.


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