Monday, July 18, 2011

Living Oprah - Robyn Okrant


Pages: 257

Published: 2010, Harper Collins Publishers [Paperback]

Date Finished: 19th July 2011

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Synopsis –via GoodReads:

What happens when a thirty-five-year-old average American woman spends one year following every piece of Oprah Winfrey's advice on how to "live your best life"? Robyn Okrant devoted 2008 to adhering to all of Oprah's suggestions and guidance delivered via her television show, her Web site, and her magazine. LIVING OPRAH is a month-by-month account of that year.
Some of the challenges included enrollment in Oprah's Best Life Challenge for physical fitness and weight control, living vegan, and participating in Oprah's Book Club. After 365 days of LIVING OPRAH, Okrant reflects on the rewards won and lessons learned as well as the tolls exacted by the experiment.


Super excited to read this I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. I have always had my eye on Oprah and while my opinions of her have been clouded by judgment of family and friends, for the most part she inspires me on many levels, to quote ‘live a better life.’

Robyn’s journey is one that made me both cringe and grin. It was a rollercoaster ride that at times made me stressed for her and at others, motivated me to search for ways to incorporate her Oprah’s lifestyle advice into my own life.

The breakdown from month to month with the quotes and the accounting was a brilliant way to break up the monthly feedback and run downs of her experiences and while for the most part it was an easy read at times she tended to repeat particular topics that had already been explained in enough detail.

The more I read, the more I wanted to be a part of the year long experiment and experience as well. I find the concept of handing over all control to someone else provoking. This book often pressed my moral buttons and had me questioning Robyn’s sanity, while in other parts had me taking in her observations ready to express my own opinions.

Bravo to Jim. I must admit I can imagine it being very testing to the relationship and his third-person feedback was just what the book needed sometimes to lighten the intense mood.

Living Oprah offered to me as a reader an open opinion of Oprah and the reality of her life from her talk show, to endorsements, charity to her multi-million dollar business. It explored Oprah as a person as well as a product and business woman and allowed Robyn to make person changes in her mental, physical and spiritual and social lifestyle. Showcasing both the up’s and downs Living Oprah was more than morbid curiosity and entertainment and I loved being a part of the experience as a reader.

Definitely an experience I would certainly recommend to those who ‘love’ Oprah or are curious about this brilliant social experiment. I thoroughly enjoyed Living Oprah.

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