Who am I?

24 – Tea Loving – Book cracking – Notebook addict.
I live in Australia with my Best Friend & our Furbaby Penny.
I spend my days creating art, reading oracles, overdosing on herbal tea & supporting writers & readers.
To give you a little idea of what my world is like when I am not writing.

My experience with writing:

I have been writing since I began collecting lockable scented diaries. I have always had a multitude of notebooks on the go all through primary school, and high-school. When I was 16 I found a site called Storywrite, and I was home. I have been sharing, giving feedback, sharing my experiences and offering tips, techniques and alternative ideas to facing the blank page on various Social networking sites ever since.

You can find some of my older work on Storywrite under: Prodigious.mirth

My inspired and instructive videos can now be found on my Bookish/Writing channel : Bittenbybooklust@Youtube

Qualifications and Class experience:

I took weekly classes in creative writing in the country. With a great teacher Steve Bolt who has works in the screenwriting industry, as well as having met & ate with Stephan King. He taught me a lot about the Hero’s Journey, and introduced me to Joseph Campbell. During my time in his classes I learned to develop a passion for writing the stories that begged to be told.

I have learned over the years since his classes that the best way to learn about writing is to find a community that supports and inspires you and learn about writing by writing. 

I recently took a Certificate level course in Professional Writing and Editing to get a stronger grasp of both Non-Fiction & Fiction. I took Editing, Public relationships, Research project [To learn how to research the best ways] & Novel. I gained experience and confidence from my teachers, and would recommend anyone who is thinking about going to school to experience writing on a class level to do it. It was an amazing, life affirming time.

What do I write?
I love to write anything, in any genre. I love the challenge of finding a new topic to delve into and explore. My main genres of choice at the moment are: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural/Paranormal.

I  write insight pieces on my Business blog – Authentic Angel Bliss. Focusing on personal development & spiritual guidance.

Angels – Guides- Muse –Spirit –Universal consciousness

What am I currently working on: W.O.P?

I am currently working on two intertwining projects side by side. It is a Science Fiction/ Fantasy story featuring a crumbling military, magic, enigmatic space warring creatures & LGBT themes. At its base it is a story about identity, power and what home means in the heart of loss, love, and freedom.

I also dabble with two characters who I have started [and finished two] stories for. It is a Supernatural story. Nebraska and Tony are two Platonic friends who are on the hunt for their sisters Killer. Only they have no idea who or what they are looking for & they aren’t natural hunters. I love these two characters, and they never fail to teach me about life, love, compassion, humor and what can happen when you put two people together who take on the world, or die trying.

You can also find me writing dirty Supernatural Wincest Pairing Fiction; with the odd additional Mary Sue [Yes I have inserted myself into some delicious scenes with Dean and Sam] – giggles uncontrollably- I also have a huge thing for Crowley – A.k.a Mark Sheppard 


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