Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review: The Circle - Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg



The Circle

More information about The Circle:
Finished: January 7th 2015
1/100 Book Challenge
Challenge Completed: Read a book over 500 pages


I was conflicted when I closed the pages of this novel as to how I wanted to share my thoughts about the book. It being the first in the Trilogy, I felt as though it was a fantastic beginning, and I am anticipating the sequel when I can get my hands on it. However there were a few things about it that took a half star away from my final rating.

Things I liked:

·         It was intense and intricately plotted [set out]
·         The mystery element was loaded and diverse
·         The strong contemporary tones lead to well developed characters [individually] and collectively.
·         It had an interesting and uncommon approach to magic law, and the elements
·         The writing style was refreshing in the perspective of each of the many characters in the novel. I hardly was confused.
·         The somber setting was elusive and provoking – I also liked the change in country and landscape.
·         The complex and realistic relationship between the girls. I liked the way it started and developed.

Things I troubled me:

·         Intentional vagueness on mythology – while I understood that this was a set up at times, the intent was strong, yet fell flat because I needed more.
·         There was a lot to digest, and at times the pacing was heavy handed.

My Conclusion:

The Circle was an all engrossing page turner with a fresh perspective on familiar concepts. The landscape of Sweden was powerful, as was the town itself. Each character had strong purpose, both major and minor, and I found myself loving the running story lines that intertwined fantastically. I grew attached to a few characters, and would like to see more personal growth in others. Alongside that I am anticipating a ramp up on the magical elements of the story, especially with the ending.
I would recommend this if you are looking for a taste of world Young Adult literature, enjoy Paranormal Witch/Magic stories, and have a desire for a novel that is both dark in undertones and hits emotionally with the contemporary realism imbued throughout.


☽☽☽☽ ½ 


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