Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly - Edited By Trish Telep - Book Review - DNF


I did not finish this book, but rather than not give credit to authors, I have decided to give you reviews on the following Four stories I could manage to get through. In fairness I am not going to recommend or rate it. This book I did not finish [DNF]

[1] Michelle Zink – The Assassins Assistant

I would have enjoyed this story if it had of been fleshed out into novella. While the story was intense, I felt like I was dropped into the middle of a novel and it caused some inconsistencies. The main characters were rather dull, but with a little more depth to them there is a possibility I could endure the story. Rose, however was annoying and repetitive and the romance scene was brief and lacking.

Three and a half stars ***.5

* * *

[2] Diana Peterfreund – Errant

It was slow to begin with and I found myself struggling through the story's era. The concept of unicorns fascinate me and as my first unicorn story I enjoyed it. I loved the visual descriptions as it was easy to imagine in my mind and I connected well with Elise. However I had no time for Gitta, the unicorn hunter and her character. The animal cruelty of the era disgusted me and I felt myself becoming sickened when an animal was injured to death. Whether it was my mood when starting the story, the last twenty pages redeemed my liking for the style of Diana's writing. I am not certain I would read anything further by this author as it is not my style of reading choice, but as the short story is concerned I enjoyed it.

Four stars ****

* * *

[3] Spirit Jar- Karen Mahoney

At first I was confused at which gender the main character was. It wasn't apparent until a few pages into the story and I realised there were two main characters: Moth & Adam. Karen's style of writing was one I enjoyed immensely and reading this story was a breeze. The words and images flowed perfectly and apart from my confusion at the start I had no issues with it afterwards. I loved that the characters weren't two dimensional and were realistic. I also loved that the author used a creature that I've rarely heard of. The Arabic tone to the story was unique as her cast fresh characters.

****.5 Four and a half stars

* * *

[4] Lost – Justine Musk

I found the idea of astral projection intriguing. At first I thought the main character might be psychic and I believe in the end that's what made this story interesting. I would have loved to see a developed story around her abilities and Hades as I am fascinated with the underworld, yet still know nothing about it. However it was a little dull, and the characters didn't have much life in them. I would be interested in reading a longer piece of writing by Justine, but didn't favour Lost.

** Two stars

* * *


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