Thursday, December 9, 2010

Naked Frame - Robert Burton Robinson - Book Review


I loved the storyline for Naked Frame. I am a dark star when it comes to crime and I love my murder and sexually based crime plots. So this story really pulled me in. It was thought provoking and I found myself questioning humanity at times and asking myself why greed is so important in the world and what it does and can do to people.

I'm in the middle with writing style. In places it flowed so easily and was enjoyable to read and others it was a little dull and bogged down, which made it a struggle to get though. For me there was to much dialogue and most of it sounded the same which made it hard to distinguish a lot of the male characters [because they all had sex on the brain].

Sometimes the scenes were jumpy, skipping from characters perspectives without much dialogue or detail and the execution of the storyline needed more work. More description and a smoother flow with scene transition would make it an easier and more enjoyable read.

I would have to say out of all the characters Gabby was my favourite, although at times his personality was at question. I didn't feel a connection with the main character, Rebecca and would have liked to delve into her personality a bit more.

There were a lot of minor characters which at times was confusing. I think with a little less development with minor characters and more with major characters I believe the characters in this book could evolve and I'd love them.

One thing that really annoyed me about the characters, especially Gabby was their lack of emotions. In certain scenes when you expect them to feel or show something there a void and the scene transitioned. It frustrated me because I wanted to feel the pain he was feeling, wanted to worry when someone he knew was in danger, wanted to cry knowing that his livelihood was lost.

I'm still looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out. I loved it, despite the small issues I had. I would strongly recommend it for lovers of crime. The romance of the book is more of a dull sub-plot and the action of the book is what kept me reading to all hours of the night.

Kudos to Robert Burton Robinson for a fast read. I read this in a day and haven't done that with a book in a long time.

P.S I hope the suggestions and honest critical feedback are helpful to the author as I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and seeing if it gets better.

***.5 Three and Half Stars


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