Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer – An Eclipse Novella - Book Review


When I picked up The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner it was to sate my curiosity. I hoped it wouldn't read like Breaking Dawn and I wasn't disappointed. The novel was short, but still took me a few days personally to get into it and to read it, but once I had time to read it flowed wonderfully and I didn't want to put it down. Especially near the end.

Knowing what was going to happen to Bree, the main character didn't change my thoughts or knowledge of how the book was going to read. I also loved that there were no chapters, which made reading more easy and entertaining because I didn't feel the need to stop and analyse after every chapter.

I enjoyed reading in another characters perspective about the events that unfold before the battle scene in Eclipse. In parts I didn't even feel like I was reading a series, as it stood on its own as a thought provoking read and gave extra insight into the world behind the vampire world. I think it was more interesting than Eclipse in the way that it isn't revolving around the good guys and even though some of the characters are good at heart it I really felt more hooked into the world of evil than I did for Eclipse.

Each character had their own personality and merit and while I felt disgusted and uninterested in some characters, it wasn't because of the writing, but I wanted to know more about Bree and Diego and how there relationship would blossom or whither. I would also love to know how Fred fared after leaving the coven and setting of on his own journey, because I think it would make an intriguing read.

I'd recommend this to people who enjoy the twilight Saga and for those who don't, because regardless it still stands on its own as a different book in my opinion. It has a world of its own and I don't think it should be dumped in the haters pile because it is a Stephenie Meyer book. I would urge lovers of vampires to read it and then cast your opinions on this book as a novella.

****. 5 Four and a half stars

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  1. Hey! I am glad you enjoyed this one.. I did not get on well with this one.... :-)