Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leap of Faith- Gabrielle Evans


Leap of Faith – Gabriel Evans

Pages: Ebook - 156

Published: January 19th 2011 by Siren Publishing

Genre: M/M Erotic/Fiction

Date Finished: 9th December 2011

Rating/ Recommendation: 2.5 stars **


After kicking his two-timing ex-lover to the curb, all Braxton is interested in is getting started on his next graphic novel. That is, until he meets sexy firefighter and cursed shifter, Xander Brighton.

Xander has never given much thought to having a mate. Now that he's found Braxton, though, he will do whatever it takes to keep his new partner safe and happy.

But Braxton's ex-lover, Mason, isn't about to let them move on to their happy-ever-after without a fight. In fact, he will stop at nothing to reclaim his ex, and Braxton begins to suspect that Mason may be hiding an ulterior motive. With Xander's help, Braxton races to unravel the mysteries surrounding his ex before someone ends up hurt...or worse


I cannot believe this one took me two months to read- erk. But onto the review…

You know what you are getting yourself into from page one when you read Leap of Faith. You can expect; Unrealistic sexual scenarios. Strange, unnerving tension. Plot that barely scrapes the surface of interest and sexual innuendo every second page, but if you can get past it and not expect a cracking serious read then you can enjoy it for what it is; A fantasy story to sate a desire for the ever erotic male on male erotic romance.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a hater and when I read the premise for this book it had be hot and excited. And for the most part it did well to sate those needs, but it lacked depth and even during the ending where it started to actually show some plot substance outside the bedroom it did little to keep me turning the pages.

The highlight apart from the sex scenes, which even after a while lacked anything fresh, was the revolving plot around Braxton’s ex, Mason. It was sad watching Braxton be so Masochistic and submissive both with Mason and Xander, Sometimes in the same way. His obsession was one that to many know, and the ending was just plain scary. Had she introduced Mason a little more than just an abuser than I may have understood him a little bit more.

And talk about Cock teasers. Braxton and Xander ; whew. Braxton was like a mouse stalking a cat just waiting to get pounced.

Some scenes in this novel were a little jumpy and I lost a lot from lack of concentration and confusion. Though there was one scene that I did enjoy the most and that was learning about Xanders past.

Will I continue with the series? Probably not, but for an introduction to her writing it wasn’t that bad. I would love to read more if it was fleshed out and not so rushed, but we’ll see. I do recommend it for fans of the genre, but bear in mind it is erotica and it is mature content.


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