Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Complete Puppy School - Dr Quixi Sonntag


· Pages: 192

· Published: November 1st 2006 by New Holland Publishers Ltd

· Genre: Non- Fiction/Pets and Animals

· Date Finished: 8th December 2012

· Rating/ Recommendation: Yes- It’s a great guide.

My Thoughts:

This wonderful, and informative guide to puppies made me wish I had of had it before I went out on an impulse and picked up my little Christmas man. Still I devoured it with excitement and took a lot from it. Most of the first half is more about choosing the right breed of dog and what to get and expect from each breed while the remainder focuses on step by step instructions on everything from rewarding, constructive learning, tips and ways to handle your puppy through the good times and the bad. I really took a lot from this book and the breakdown of steps and suggestions.

If you have a puppy or are thinking of getting one I would certainly recommend picking up this book. While my little porridge is taking his time, you are reminded that these things do take time and cannot happen overnight. The best advice was to have patience and reward good behavior instead of punishing for doing something wrong.


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