Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flower of Spain


First of all - COVER LOVE !!!! Now onto the book itself.

I have been thinking [yes, a scary thought there] that maybe it would be interesting to add another bullet into my reviewing arsenal. I have been reading a lot of books lately that take place in different countries outside of my own and even some inside my own. So I thought it would be fun and a little challenge to see how many books out there that I read are centered in places all around the world.

I am considering creating a challenge for myself, not to read specific books that take place in different parts of the world, but just to make note and maybe even take suggestions. So I shall start this off with a review on a rare book that I picked up at the library called Flower of Spain by Jean Morrant – which is of course set in Barcelona in Spain.

* * *

Flower of Spain – Jean Morrant

Pages: 133

Published: Bath, England : Chivers Press, 2010.

Genre: Large Print/Romance Fiction

Date Finished: December 7th 2011

Country Location : Barcelona/ England

Rating/Recommendation: Read only if you can find it.


Victoria Hurst takes a job in Spain, as nurse and companion to the elderly Senora Varela. The Englishman who falls for her is kind and seems perfect. So why does Victoria get so upset when Ramon, the hot-blooded Spaniard, disapproves so strongly.


First of all this book was so hard to track down online. I had to sift through many Google sites just to find the briefest of information. Lucky, as I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoyed this novel to the greatest of its capacity.

Whether it was the dated style of writing, or just lack of interesting plot this book was perfect to read while waiting for my clothes to wash, and in between the sun setting and night falling. It is probably a novel to read if you can ever find it, but not one I would shout to home about. It had its peaks and its blunders and the initial plot seemed promising to me. But the characters, setting, scenes and dialogue was just so dense and dull I almost gave up. All fool me.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who ever tracks it down or thinks of reading it, unless you are really scarce in need of something completely flat to read. I do know it is in some libraries so if you are really keen check it out there.

If anything it was a great to add to my challenge.


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