Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I'm Reading - 30th November 2010


I have reached the 36 book mark and now I have 4 to finish before I have reached my goal of 40 books. While I may not have been able to stretch myself to 50 I will be overly proud of myself for making it this far, especially since I started in June this year.

So to end the year, I'm taking it easy [hopefully not to easy] and finishing my year reading through my current bedside collection and If I manage to finish those and start a new book It will be a short one.

The Books I am reading at the moment:

1. Kiss Me Deady
2.To Give a Heart Wings
3.A Child Against all Odds
4.The Modern Writer's workshop

I don't plan on starting any more books though, because I have a large growing collection of various magazines [Scrapbooking, Womens, Good Reading, Writing] on my bedside table as well that I want to catch up on before the new year and a massive stack of Practical Parenting and Mother and Baby Magazines waiting to be read in my study. [I am insanely behind, but I love Magazines almost as much as I love books.]

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  1. Good luck **fingers and toes crossed** for you to complete your goal .. :-) Ive got a stack of magazines that I need to read...lol