Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Review Y.A : Slide - Jill Hathaway



I picked this up on a whim wanting something with an element of Supernatural in a contemporary setting. Slide delivered in the relaxed enjoyment of the story, and the premise had me excited. I love out of body concepts. It was a hard book for me to rate though when it ended, as I enjoyed it, and was also frustrated with parts of it at the same time. Here are my pro's and con's, and my overall thoughts.

Things I liked

·         The developing relationship with her sister Mattie
·         Complex family secrets that unfold and reveal reality
·         The past and present colliding to create thick tension in all areas of the plot
·         Engaging protagonist[Vee] her ideals, and perspective was relatable and I was empathetic of her
·         I enjoyed that the romance wasn’t top heavy in the context of the story

Things that troubled me

·         Her ‘ability’ at times felt too easy for me
·         More development with friendships
·         The relationship and resolution of Zane felt off to me
·         It felt wrapped up too fast
·         The pacing was off for me at times
·         I did see the major twists coming


This was a great, mysterious read that had fantastic layers that when peeled back revealed a promising story.  Jill’s characters were emotionally sustaining, as was the overarching stories of Vee’s ability and the world around. The pacing was slow at times, and I feel it could have used with a little more meat in places regarding relationships and resolutions, a few threads trickled out, and weren’t wrapped up for me. It was a fun read. The elements that kept me entertained and turning the pages were definitely my intrigue with her ability and her relationships. 


☽☽☽ ½ 


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