Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Picks 2015


Hello Lovely Readers, it is that time again where I let you know what books I have picked out for the month of FEBRUARY. 

Be sure to check out the theme of the month which is: Ancient Adventures and join by recommending more reads to me.

Alongside that, join in with me reading the Bookish Monthly Pick which is Witchcraft by Katie M John. 

Girl Interrupted


One of my favorite movies growing up was Girl Interrupted. I have been meaning to read this one for years. I borrowed my sister’s copy with no time limit, and I feel that February would be a great month to get to it. I have no expectations, and it is a short read.


    Howls Moving Castle

I adore the movie, both in the English translations and in the Japanese with the subtitles. My partner being a Ghibli fan showed this to me many years ago. I love everything about this movie. It gives me all the ‘feels’, and this is another book I have been wanting to purchase myself that my sister has let me borrow. It seems fitting for my theme of Ancient Adventures. 


     The Ancient Future

Ever since my partner and I met he has been putting this book under my nose and adding it to my collection to read. He has read me the first few chapters many times and I do love the concept and the story of what he has read, I am excited to sit down this month and explore the world of Traci Harding that has inspired my partner and his perspective. 


       Warriors Fire and Ice

I am reading this one for the challenge for the Pop Sugar Reading list – A book with non-human characters. What better way to spend February continuing this fantastic series about Warrior Cats. I loved the first one, and am excited to get to the second one.


13 Treasures

This will cover another challenge – A book with numbers in the title, as well as my aversion to Fey stories and lore. I have heard only good reviews about this book over the years, and the premise catches my attention. Alongside Fire and Ice, this Middle Grade novel will be a nice addition to spice things up a little and take me on an adventure.


    Is it Just me?

I started this one last year and school took over. Let’s be honest here I let it. This will cross of – A book that is Funny, as Miranda Hart is one of my favorite British comedians and her style and manner is close to mine. I can see myself having many laughs during the week when I read this.


  This Star Won’t go out

The story that inspired John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars has inspired me to pick this one up in February. I have been meaning to get to it, and I am looking forward to experiencing it for myself. I know I can anticipate an emotional roller coaster, I am ready for it and this is a definite read in February.


     Witchcraft – Katie M John

I received a copy of Witchcraft by Katie M John in return for an honest review, and hope to have her over on the blog during the month. I love Witches and supporting Indie authors. This is my Bookish Monthly Pick for February. 


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