Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two Non-Fiction Reviews - January Week 1&2


Selected by Marc Gimenez

My Thoughts:

I received this book as a Christmas present from my partner’s family who all know that I am quiet obsessed with paper; from scrapbooking to writing, books to filofaxes. I was excited to see the talent, creativity and exploration of paper art throughout the book and I was not disappointed. The vibrant photography, insightful process information and the concepts really provoked some creativity in me, and it is always nice to read something outside the comfort zone, or usual reading collection.

Recommend It?

This would make a great book for any Art fan, Paper lover or an interesting edition to your Coffee table. Easy to read, flick through, admire and inspire, Art of Paper is both written in English and Spanish.

Some of my favourite Artist in the book:

Dream it- Plan it- Live It
Debbie Ford

My Thoughts:

If there ever was a book to kick start any day off, let alone the beginning of the year it is The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford. I have ventured into reading her other book the shadow side of our lives, and was intrigued when I found this one on Amazon.

With an honest approach to conscious living and embracing all aspects of ourselves: Light and Shadow side, Debbie offers some fantastic techniques, and exercises not only to plan out the best year of our life, but how to go about putting those plans into action. With a smart, realistic, inspired coaching style conversation between the reader and Debbie, this makes for a provoking read, one that had be post it noting every page with fantastic quotes and gems of wisdom.

Recommend It?

Buy it now. If you only read one Non-Fiction book this year pick up this one. It faces self realization, inspiration, action, passion, and Debbie isn’t afraid to be raw with you. Short, straight to the point and powerful this book is for everyone and anyone who aspires to make the mundane magical, and to have the best year of their life – created by the powerful you.


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