Sunday, January 29, 2012

Short Story Monday's- A New Weekly Meme


I have seen this kind of meme around a lot lately on the net and the concept of it is something different and refreshing to me. I am not sure of the direct source, but along with the Saturday and Sunday short story reading posts I thought Monday would be a lot better for me.

Ever since starting the reading challenges in 2010, I have this idea built into my head that reading a short story doesn’t count as reading anything at all and is not worth the review, but this my fellow readers is a load of cows patties because some of the funniest, sexiest, conformable and adventurous reads of mine have been short stories and now that is even easier to access these wonderful shorts via the internet, there is an abundance of wonderful literature out there waiting for you all to discover and delve into.

So 2012 is out with the old thinking and in with the new and while unless they specifically state something is a novella, short stories that I will be reading will be anywhere between 20-70 pages. Because for me once it hits the 70’s I do class it as a novella. [Just my way of thinking]

Please join me every Monday in this adventure of reading and feel free to leave a comment recommending any short stories you have read or plan to read and if you like join in with my meme and kick start a journey of your own. I would love to hear more about it.



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