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Blind Date, Check Mate - Veronica Blade


Published: December 24th 2011

Genre: Chick-lit/ Women’s Fiction

Format: Kindle [Ebook]

Date Finished: 28th January 2012


Should a woman who’s unable to forget her first love give “happily ever after” one more try?

Shelby Winters’ one great love went sour. If she can’t feel that way about a guy again, why bother? When Shelby’s best friend sets her up on a blind date with Logan, the guy who broke her heart, he pursues her relentlessly, forcing her to make a choice: give her heart what it’s always desired and risk total devastation or shut Logan out and lose her only shot at happiness. To Shelby, it’s a lose-lose situation. Or is it


A good friend of mine Debs from Debs Book Café recommended that I pick up Blind Date by Veronica Blade, and after checking out the wonderful 99 cent price on Amazon I thought – why not.

I ended up really enjoying this story. It was a cute and quick read that had me laughing and growing hot in some places. There wasn’t any sex, so if you’re looking for something raunchy then look elsewhere, no this story was a wonderful one first loves over time and the boundaries through time and trust that can be broken. I actually appreciated that it was a cleaner read; it made the progressing relationship between the characters more enjoyable to read.

Veronica has an easy style of writing that is comfortable and humorous. And perfect for a weekend read or if you are looking for something to enjoy too relax on a holiday. The characters are fun and even though the story was predictable in a lot of places it wasn’t annoyingly so.

Honestly for 99 cents you can’t go wrong. Definitely one of my better purchases and one I will read again.


Blind Date, Check Mate

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Blair and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


    Happy reading!