Monday, September 19, 2011

Fateful - Claudia Gray


Pages: 309

Published: 2011 by HarperCollins

Date Finished: 20th September 2011

Rating: 5 Stars *****


The RMS Titanic might be the most luxurious ship in the world, but all passenger Tess Davies wants to do is escape her dreary existence as a maid.
Trapped in a web of painful memories and twisted family secrets, Tess vows to make a run for it as soon as the ship reaches New York. A new world awaits... and a new life!
Her single-minded obsession shatters when she meets Alec. Handsome and mysterious, he captivates her immediately - but Alec has secrets of his own. As she uncovers the darkness lurking beneath his sophisticated surface, Tess discovers a horrifying truth. Werewolves, once only the stuff of nightmares, are real - and they are stalking Alec. Tess's love for Alec puts her in mortal peril, but an even greater danger lies in front of her before their journey on the Titanic is over..


I have a stack of Cluadia Gray’s previous books to read which I plan to do sometime next year, but when I heard the premise of Fateful and it’s link to the RMS Titanic I had to pick it up as soon as it came out and I am so freaking glad that I did.

Set in the end of the Edwardian era during the year 1912 Tess Davies, the servant of a wealthy English family is taken aboard the Titanic to be of service to them during their journey. It is there that her own begins and where she meets Alec Marlow.

Instantly the first chapter had me gripped, throwing me straight into the thick of action and character progression. Soon I was hooked; I could not do anything without thinking about the novel constantly and grew frustrated when I couldn’t read. Riveting fiction at its best, Claudia totally capsulated me in the world and took me back to an era new and fascinating to me, introducing characters that were both lovable and whom I despised with as much passion as Tess did.

Speaking of characters, each one down to the captin of the ship were defined and original in the story. I especially loved Alec’s father Mr.Marlow and his dedication to their lives as a family. The relationship the two shared throughout the novel, it was so welcoming to read, and there unconditional love for each other and support made me smile even through the trials they had to endure. Even the Titanic itself played a brilliant setting character and her descriptions put me right in the centre of it time and time again.

It was fascinating to learn about the immortality amongst the noble and the rich and how servants were treated back then more as dirt on the soles of their shoes than people. There were a few scenes that tore me up and made me tear up I wanted to be there to hug Tess and help he fight against the evils that surrounded her daily life aboard the ship and haunted her beyond.

The only thing that annoyed me at the begging was when she hit one of my pet peeves; repetition and overused the word hunter. I kind of got the point that she was being hunted the first few times and wished that she would move on, thankfully she did.

I loved this book and could not give it enough praise if I could. It is easily one of my favourite books. To me it was unique and refreshing and while the sub-plot of supernatural elements came into play is was so realistic and my time and emotion invested in the characters was so deep that I prolonged finishing the story because I wanted to stay in it.

I wish this would be kept as a stand-along novel, but I am not sure of Claudia’s plans. If there is to be a series I will be the first one lined up at the bookstore to get my hands on it. Read it, borrow it, buy it anyway you can get your hands on it. I have definitely a new book I am an evangelist for.


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