Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poetry - A Night Without Armor - Jewel


Pages: 160

Published: 1999

Date Finished: 13th February 2011

Rating: Yes, I would recommend this book.

Singer, Song writer Jewel brings a collection of controversial, untamed, beautiful poetry together in this book about love, live, divorce and recollections of days gone by. Some short, while others spanning two pages, these poems are raw and capture your emotions, evoking sensations and feelings that will warm your heart, inspire you and make you question the world, your own relationships and the beauty that is life.

One of the many poems that provoked me was, Shush. With so little worlds, the prose was so powerful. I keep repeating it in my head, and it has to be one of my favorites.

‘Can you imagine, how silent, a plane crash would be, if you were deaf? How unbearably loud a rape?’ Jewel – A night without armor’

If you are a lover of music and poetry, take the time to read Jewels poetry. In the face of celebrities, she stands alone as an artist and poet to create a little gem of gold. It’s a truly stirring book to have in your collection; definitely, one to keep, to remind you to remember the little things in life and to take in the world around you.

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  1. Great review... I haven't tried reading a poetry book, not sure if I would like it but I might give this one a go sometime... ;-)