Friday, March 11, 2011

Health/Lifestyle - Changing Habits, Changing Lives - Cyndi O'Meara


Pages: 173

Published: 1999

Date Finished: 10th February

Rating: Yes

Simple steps to rediscover health and vitality


Cyndi branches out from the mainstream and the mundane of ‘diet’ books and self-help to bring a book that is both simple to read and easy to manage in small steps that challenge you to step away from the chemical world and into the true world of health and vitality. Proving that you become what you eat and there are many alternative’s to what you choose to eat and how it will affect your life.

You can either read this book as a whole, or as suggested by Cyndi take it one chapter at a time and work on each topic making small changes into your current lifestyle plan. Each chapter breaks down a weekly challenge for you to tackle – which range from foods, recipes and suggestions on what foods and habits you can swap, change and remain to live a happy, vibrant and healthy life.

Tried and tested, by Cyndi and her family she shares an experience that many ‘diet’ books don’t. Instead of canning everything, counting calories, only to splurge and run for the nearest take-out store, you incorporate food into your healthy living plan that can sate those urges for sweet, salty and fatty with natural foods instead of chemically pumped garbage.

Already I have begun to make the change [reading the book as a whole] and while I have had a few [cheat] meals I already feel like I am making a positive change for the future. Understanding that the journey is a lifelong one doesn’t made the road a quick success, but reading this book will get you thinking and ask many questions. One, most prominent- Are you willing to keep putting up with the way you are living and eating, especially when you know what not only what goes into the food and beverages you consume, but the packaging they come in?

Not a weight loss book, but a way of life- Please read this book.

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting book.... I like books that make me think and want to change what I do... Are you still sticking with it? How have you got on? :-)