Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Non-Fiction- Reaching For The Stars- Lola Jaye


Pages: 87

Published: 2009

Date Finished: 23rd March 2011

Rating: Yes

How can you make your dreams come true?


Being a fan of Lola Jaye I decided to pick up every book she has written, hoping Reaching For the Stars would be another great novel. You could guess my surprise when it turned up in the mailbox and was only 87 pages long. At first I was disappointed, but as I re-read the back I was excited to read something a little different. Not quite a guide, nor an autobiography – Reaching For the Stars is a simple, step-by-step book in a series of [Quick Reads] published by Harper about reaching for your dreams and aspirations and how to get there.

Lola shares the condensed version of her journey into publication, while combining stories from adults who have worked for their dreams- whether it is football stardom or baking. With lists, humor and points focusing on what stops us and challenges us in our journey to our dreams, I am certain everyone can connect with this book on some level and my hope is that younger readers will pick it up, and start considering what they want to do with their lives. Everyone needs a dream- even if it’s to own their own cottage in the mountains.

While I believe this book is aimed at younger readers[ 11-17] . It can be read by adults to who need a little pick me up with their life intentions. It certainly questioned a few ideas floating around my head and put some perspective on taking a little risk at going for what I want.


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