Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anna & The French Kiss- Stephanie Perkins


Pages: 372

Published: 2010

Date Finished: 6th March 2011

Rating: 5 Stars

Recommended: By the many book lovers on youtube.

The minute I saw the cover and heard the synopsis of this novel I knew I had to buy Anna & The French Kiss. I was hoping to wait until the price lowered, but as each day ended and more people were tempting to me purchase it, I brought it home and let it sit on my shelf for a few more weeks- frustrated that I was already reading three books. When I finally got to reading it, I was hooked from the beginning. I was in love, addicted; and that was only the first chapter.

Stephanie breathes so much humour and life into her writing that it is effortless to read. Her language connects with young adults, while her choice of words and the way she portrays each countries culture showed her knowledge and research. She paints a vivid portrait in my mind and each scene is an invitation to tour Paris in the mind and body of Anna and many of the other characters in the story.

What I loved most about the characters in this novel was the realistic and provoking personalities of both major and minor characters – from Anna and St.Clair to the town Parisians and even the restaurants and bookstores. Stephanie managed to even make Paris a character in its own right with detail and Parisian language scattered throughout dialogue. She made me feel for every character, and how I swooned over St. Clair. Each action, reaction, emotion and behaviour was vindicated. It wasn’t repetitive.

The Tension in the novel was phenomenal. It has been so long since I have read a romance book by an author who handles tension so well. I commend Stephanie on not going down the road of sex, but instead letting the characters and story lead up to an ending that left me satisfied.

There is so much I want to say about this novel, so many topics I want to indulge in sharing, but I think the best thing to do it let the novel speak for itself.

Given the rating, I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t already read the book. It Is an amazing book and the mention of it being a project for NANOWRIMO [National Novel Writing Month] has inspired me to consider really putting in an effort to write my novel in November. One of my favourite books this year- Anna & The French Kiss will have you craving hot chocolate and will melt your heart. [That last line was so cheesy]


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