Friday, January 7, 2011

Thinking Thursday [1]


I thought I might try my own journaling meme about reading on a Thursday.


It’s been a tough, strange week in regards to life in general and my reading. I started out on a roll, with a few minor hiccups on the way and until today I was doing really well. I had started a new book, planning on reaching my goal of 4 books before the weekend, but my health took a turn and I’ve been struggling with exhaustion and the motivation to read.

I ended up having a rather ‘later’ night ‘early morning’ and found myself still awake at 4.30 am staring out my window, rolling around uncomfortably in the dry heat of the night. I opted for reading more of my book, and I should have, but yet again I put my partners needs before mine and let him sleep; even though I kept the light on.

It’s been one rocky sleep pattern. The kittens aren’t helping and if anything my nanna naps during the day leave me with a sense of dread of not fulfilling my desires

I know my own mind and if I don’t keep with something and go on a tangent it becomes hard to get back into the pleasure of doing it. It has happened with my writing and it was beginning to happen with reading before I started the 50 book challenge last year and left myself at self- pity station and found myself at freedom lane.

I really enjoyed the challenge of reading for 24 hours, even if I didn’t finish it and I thought about something I could do to relieve the stress of wanting to reach my goal, but not having enough energy to push myself [maybe I have pushed myself and burned myself out.] After yet another nap, some half warm tea and a little scratch of the noggin I have decided to take my time this weekend with my reading and to get some rest.

I’ve done really well this week, considering the amount of sleep I’ve had and interruptions. What I dislike most about trying to read is waiting on someone else. For 3 days this week at least, waiting on a call or money to be transferred has taken a lot of wasted energy from me and this made trying to sit down for an extended time hard to do.

As for the remaining Library books I still have to read. I am not giving up on my goal to finish them, neither am I giving up my goal to keep reading and make better habits. I love it to much to let myself fall under and I know if anything I can stick with it.

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  1. Oh dear Blair! It doesn't sound like you have had a brilliant time.. :-( I hope you get back on an even keel soon and back up to speed... Sending warm and get well wishes... Debs :-) xx