Thursday, January 6, 2011

Booking Through Thursday [1]


This week’s BTT question asks…

Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

As with always I make and break my resolutions. I more so like to call them Personal Goals, because that way they are something I can work towards one small step at a time and I don’t feel bad if I slow down, speed up or change them to suit my current mood and situation.

Apart from the usual book challenge goals that I have posted on my blog and other general goals; I wanted to mention that I had decided to try and read a book a day, but that was based on a day when nothing was happening at all. I have, however already read three books in six days, putting myself two books ahead of a book a week and I started my fourth book [which I hope to finish over the weekend] last night.

I set myself a goal of 50 books, but I plan to read a lot more than that. Right now my life revolves around house duties and taking every available second to read. I’m loving it. I am reading faster, but absorbing more and I feel so positive when I finish a book and move onto the next one. I am also writing better reviews as I take the time to really enjoy the books I am reading and move onto the next one with as much passion as the last.

My main goal is to read books on my shelf that have been there for yonks. I have so many unread books and it would be nice to get through a lot of them this year to make way for new series and stand alone novels as well as ebooks and non-fiction related books. [I still have a massive TBR pile of writing and spiritual books to read through.]


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