Sunday, January 9, 2011

Once Dead, Twice Shy- Kim Harrison


Pages: 232

Published: 2009

Date Finished: DNF [Tried but couldn't stomach it any longer]

Rating: 1 star

Easily one of the worst books I have read. I cannot really justify wasting 232 pages and my time on this novel, but I wanted to give it my all, so that when it came time to review it my opinion would count.

The only thing that encouraged me to continue reading [besides the beautiful cover] was the hope that while there was a decent plot, behind all the confusion, the story would get better and I would finally understand what was happening; enough enjoy the book. I was deeply disappointed.

For a young adult novel, it read more like a children’s book. Once character in particular I felt this connection to was Madisons Guardian angel. Maybe Kim was trying to change mythology to be original, but the character made me roll my eyes and want to throw the book at the wall. It would take a lot of depth for me to want to know these characters and it angered me that they were so dull and unbelievable. There was not one character I connected with, let alone understood and I found myself feeling edgy reading it.

Kim’s attempt at innocent and cute was nothing more than pages full of dribble and an unrealistic portrayal of modern teenagers. The way they spoke, down to the manner in which they behaved left me with a lot of questions. I know that there are probably some teenagers out there who are like Madison and Josh, but in my experience it just didn’t feel like the author was writing to her key audience.

I know it’s harsh to say, but I believe if this plot had been written by another person the execution could have been handled a lot better. Then again, that could be debatable. However I would recommend this book to younger readers in an age range appropriate to primary school children [11-13]


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