Monday, January 10, 2011

Musing Monday - January 11th 2011


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Where is your favorite place to find new books to read? Blogs? The library? Newspapers? Magazines? In the backs of other books? Suggestions from friends/family? Online bookstores? On the shelves of the local bookstores? (I don’t necessarily mean, ‘where do you find books to buy’ — I mean, ‘where do you discover new titles that you add to your to-be-read lists’?).

I don’t know if my habits concerning my favourite place/places to find new books to read has changed all to much from before I found the brilliant world of Youtube and book blogging [where have I been] I do know that since watching, subscribing and chatting to many people from all around the world, that I have picked had more variety in the books that I search for and it has provoked me to branch out into different genres, themes and some of my old favourites.

I have also started discovering that sometimes just taking a look at sales, clearances, auctions and second hand book stores can be a great source of not only cheap books, but more variety and inspiration. Also a lot of bookstores have older novels that aren’t in the store, or if they are; are way to expensive to buy. [I prefer spending 40 dollars on a lot of books, not just one.]

Another great way I have found brilliant [ and some of my favourite] books is on magazines like Good Reading [Australian Magazine] They review authors and recommend hundreds of books in each magazine. It comes out each month and even if I only get a few issues a year I still find more than enough books to keep me entertained for many months.

I don’t really like reading spoilers or extracts from the back of books, but I have been known to enjoy the little prologue and first chapter booklets you can find at the library and at bookstores and Australia has a great booklet called Get Reading [www.] that recommends national and international authors and books.


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