Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blood Work- Michael Connelly- Review


Blood Work

I'm not ashamed when I say I am a definite late bloomer when it comes to the enthralling fictional world of Micheal Connelly's crime novels. Like a long time drug user, I quickly found my fix in Harry Bosch but when it came time to opening the doors to another famous character- Terry McCaleb I was thrown out in the middle of the storm and left fending for not only my opinions on the character, but the change of style in Micheal's writing, that to me was a different slice of reading pie.

Blood Work was a slow story to begin with, but by the end of the last few chapters I was biting my lip, pulling the blankets higher and turning each page fast enough to get a few paper cuts [ well not really- but it sure felt like it.]

The story itself picks up around the halfway point [page]250 and I believe the vast majority of the beginning was background needed to build the suspense and story that takes you on this journey through not only Terry McCaleb ordeal, but deep into the mind of spine shuddering evil.

If you think you know the ending even close to it, then you'll be madly surprised. Terry's past, present and future count on finding the killer and he will stop at nothing, even if it means death. For Terry has been through a heart transplant and is still in recovery when the story begins. Terry puts his own heart on the line [literally] and for me that was where I found a place for him in my own.

It took a while for me to care about Terry, for he didn't have quiet the same reaction Harry Bosch did in City of Bones and while I felt sometimes the characters where a little flaky throughout the novel. I am ecstatic that I pushed through the intensity of the plot and read on through to the end, because it was amazing.

Blood work is not only a crime/thriller as a romance story blossoms amidst the urgency and Terry battles with not only the killer and his recovery, but how to love someone when the circumstances are more than skin deep.

I would strongly recommend fans of the Crime genre to check out Blood Work and City of Bones, both written by Michael Connelly. While he isn't a new author, his fresh, enthralling novels keep me up both day and night, turning the pages.

**** Four Stars.


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