Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blue Bloods 2010 Challenge


Blue Bloods 2010 Challenge

If you enjoy the Blue Blood series by Melissa De La Cruz then this is the challenge for you.

From July 1st till December 31st your goal is to read the Blue Blood Series.

The books so far are:

.Blue Bloods



.The Van Allen Legacy

. Keys to the repository

. Misguided Angel – Due out in October

The last two are optional.


. If you have already finished the series then it would be weird to set yourself up for the challenge.

. Each book deserves a review, so if you haven't already make a blog and start reviewing.

. If you have already read book one you can enter.

.Special Challenge if you can read One book a week

. Share the love of books. I want to hear all about your opinions on the series Don't be afraid to share your dislikes as well as dislikes.

. The challenge is complete when you have read the series.

. Have fun. Make friends. Keep updated. Love the passion of reading.

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  1. I have this series in my challenge :D The only one left is Van Alen Legacy I can't wait to buy it!