Sunday, July 11, 2010

Passion or Distraction - Reading Journal


I am not sure how to start this journal, but I guess the best place to start is the beginning, like anywhere else and explain how I am feeling right now, and update you on the number of books I have read.:

Recently I have finished a fair amount of books. At the end of June I had reached thirteen books and by the beginning of July I had reached sixteen. With a book count like that, I am getting closer to my goal of 25 books and am nearing half way to the 50 book challenge I am embarking on.

Now as I have finished my sixteen book I am staring at my bookshelf looking at the books I have already began to read and wondering why I haven't the mindset to read them.

Without a doubt they are interesting and provoking. One is a non-fiction book called Bang the Keys and it's about a lifelong writing process. The other is a fiction novel called The Sugar Queen, and with a delectable cover and massive font, it should be a breeze to get through.

So why can't I get reading?

I believe I know the answer and it isn't meant to come as a harsh excuse, but I am to concerned about taking care of everyone else's concerns to take time alone for myself. Even when I am alone from Monday to Friday till the evening, I still feel it my need to be cleaning up after three grown men. One of which might I add is seriously anal about cleaning. This includes my partner Daniel as well to some extent, but that is more cleaning and I enjoy cleaning my domain.

I love to sit back and delve into a novel while I am alone. I do enjoy having a clean house, but what I find hard is defining my duties and this makes me frustrated, annoyed and constantly aware that I am not doing enough or a good enough job around the house. And there my book loving friends is the defining point where I loose interest in plot and exploring the world of fiction and fall into the sickening pattern society had begrudged me with.

Now my early mornings are spent catching up on sleep and snuggled in bed till twelve in the afternoon, where I arise to dishes or mud on the floor and a hungry cat. Rather than a nice pot of tea, a great novel and sunshine gleaming through the window.

Who wants to wake up feeling like they can't even relax when the day is there own and has been granted to them for leisure? Sure as mighty not me.

I wanted to write this entry because I believe that if I write it down, and make a small promise to myself to accomplish it, then it will have more affect than it would mulling around inside my head.

I promise to read one book this week and finish it. I promise to not let life get in the way of a brilliant plot and to focus on the journey rather than the distractions around me. Because if I let it suppress the urge to read, then much like my writing has. I will be lost in the world of darkness and insanity [Not that I'm not already]

Oh I almost forgot the other distraction. My partner Daniel is ill right now, and if his snoring isn't bad enough[ it is tolerable] he makes these little cries when he sleeps and it is like the tip of the frustration iceberg. I do know however, that he cannot help it and I should be able to get through it- shouldn't I?

Kick starting my week starting Monday which will be in a few hours. I will run to get my bra and my hairbrush and make myself comfortable for a nice settling read. I will be reading The Sugar Queen and Bang The Keys. One chapter each day is a fair promise. Anymore than that and it is fabulous.

I will not loose site of my passion. I will not give into distraction. I will read and I will enjoy it. Because without my love of books, the world has no love. over dramatic statement.

Here is my updated [read] book list:

1.Exploring Creative Writing -Kevin Brophy
2.The Book of Joe – Jonathan Tropper
3.Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer
4.Sensing Spirit – Mitchell Coombes
5.The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz
6.How to Become a Famous writer before your dead- Ariel Gore
7.How I write- Secrets of a Bestselling Author- Janet Evanovich & Ina Yalof
8.The Mastery of Love - Don Miguel Ruiz
9.Frostbite – Richelle Meid
10. Nightlight [A paraody] – The Harvard Lampoon
11. Blue Bloods – Melissa De La Cruz
12. Bitten- Edited By Susie Bright
13. Right Book- Right Time- Agnes Nieuwenhuizen
14.Blood Work – Micheal Connelly
15. Dead until Dark – Charlaine Harris
16.Ghost Portrait- Gregory Norminton


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