Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming You To a Bookish 2015


January welcomes with it the New Year, and new Bookish challenges and goals. When considering what I wanted to change, improve and remove from my reading life in 2015 I came up with goals that I wanted to set for myself so that I could have the focus, passion and dedication that reading gives to me, and that I want to give back to the world.

What you can look forward to on my blog in the coming weeks, and throughout the year is having themed months, sharing my goal of reading 100 books, reading and recommending non-fiction books weekly, book of the month picks, and book buddies, these are just a few ideas that I will be working with, and sharing my journey through during 2015.

Alongside these goals I am keeping in mind my word of the year – this year I chose Flexible. For me this means being flexible and gentle with myself, while at the same time expressing and experiencing my love, and deep passion for books on diverse and new levels. To be flexible I am learning day by day that putting myself out there for the world isn’t a race, and coming back to the basics is important.
In 2014 I read 30 books. While I did enjoy the majority of the books I read I realized that I needed to change that in 2015. Reading is a huge part of my daily life, whether it be an article online, a Non-Fiction memoir, or a fantastical Fiction adventure. Daily reading is a must for me. Without it, I go a little bit nuts [okay, okay, I go up the wall]

This year I want to be reading 2 books a week, 100 pages a day, and 100 books in the year. Those are my base goals. The others, will change, and grow as I do in my blogging ethics and reading lifestyle.

What about you? What are some of your bookish goals for 2015.


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