Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Picks : 2015


Welcome, Welcome. Leave your book bag at the door and curl up on the lusty comfy chairs to settle in with some exciting content on Bitten by Book Lust.

This month I am excited to bring you two new events: Themes, and Book Challenge Monthly. I aim to run these every month for myself, and for YOU the lovely readers of my blog, both old and new.

Theme Picks

Want a little extra spice in your reading?
Want to branch out in your reading styles and genre?
Do you need direction in choosing a book of your shelf?
Want to join me in reading a range of Fiction and Non-Fiction books?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then Theme picks is for you. This is your monthly chance to read alongside me, vary your reading style and genre, and have fun reading, chatting, and recommending books that resonate with each month’s theme.

Each month there will be a post in the first week detailing my pick. Feel free to recommend future picks, reading, and other great sources to share with other lovely readers.

Book Challenge Monthly

Book Challenge Monthly is an experimental idea in combining challenges from the  Pop Sugar 2015 Reading Challenge and my own personal reading shelves to explore new authors, reads, and genres that I am excited to delve into.

Each month I will share the details where you can join in and read alongside be buddy style. There will be a giveaway at the end of the month relating to the book I have chosen, and a Challenge Pal group in the coming year where I will be asking those who join me to put down their names, and find new buddies to read alongside.  You will find any information for the month by clicking here: Bookish Challenges

Of course you can choose to read the book by yourself, and leave me a comment at the end of each month on my wrap up post, or review of the book itself.


I hope that you join me in the month of January in my first month exploring these challenges.


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