Thursday, February 6, 2014

Granny Chic - Dottie Angel & Ted and Agnes



More than just a how-to guide, granny chic offers inspiration to keen crafters hoping to breathe new life into vintage fabrics and second-hand objects. From handmade notebooks to lace lampshades and pinnies made from tea towels, each of the craft recipes brings the granny chic look to life whilst allowing you to give them your own personal twist. This selection of 20 projects includes spruced-up coat hangers, a dingle dangle door screen, a patched and pieced lampshade and a crocheted tea cosy. In addition to the projects, granny chic offers advice on the granny chic lifestyle, from befriending your local fabric shop to creating a handmade home.

I picked this up on a whim at my local library on a hot day and it really gave me the up and go I needed to start on a few projects. Not only did it inspire me with its delicious photography and easy to achieve projects. There were a lot of projects in it that I can do over and over again, using things that I already own. I do love a good craft book that is packed full of tips, tricks, advice and little snippets of inspiration and the lovely ladies here have created a fantastic book here.

Granny Chic is a lifestyle I resonate with whole heartedly. I am a resourceful woman. I love creating art from second hand bits and pieces and I am obsessed with floral's and bright colours. Vintage trinkets and cute pieces that make my heart sing. I now live with rose coloured glasses on me at all times when on the hunt online or offline or even when just going through my little bits and pieces and the photographs of fabric storage and suitcases gave me a fantastic idea of how to use an old suitcase as a home for all my fabrics and laces.

This is a definite for your collection if you love Granny Chic and photography are a collector of everything and anything and love to try different and easy projects. The only downside for me was the crocheting projects which hold little interest in me. I would recommend this as a pick me up full of vibrancy, cuteness and joy as well as a great tool for finding ways to connect with your creative old soul, and possibly even your partner or kids in doing some of the projects. It is certainly a keeper for me and I will be picking up my own copy.

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