Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finishing a series - My story and discussion



When I first started reading books that I had purchased myself I was into series. I would go down to my local independent book store with the little money I had left over and buy myself either a new Christine Feehan book or a J.R Ward book. Those books are still sitting on my shelf almost 8 years later and I am not even anywhere close to done with them. You might ask why, but I am fairly sure we all know the wonderful temptation of a new book and with a new book comes a new series or trilogy and over time if you are like me and keep collecting and starting new ones soon enough your older books are collecting dust and you forget what even happened in the series you started a while back.

It got me thinking about some questions I wanted to ask myself, and questions I wanted to ask fellow readers and bloggers. In journaling these questions I began to evaluate not only the way I read, but the way I buy books, collect books and share my passion for them through reviews and hauls. What if I truly could sit down and do something as amazing as a marathon. Granted it would take me a few months of reading, but I could do it and finish some series in a matter of months rather than years. How wonderful would it be to be able to look at a pile of books and say – yes I finished that series and it was an amazing ride. I imagine that feeling every time I start the first book, the second and sometimes even the third if I get that far. Now I don't just want to imagine it. I want to make it a reality.

I have talked about what a commitment it would be do take on something like finishing a series. It would mean really picking and choosing to start new books and new series over getting back into older ones. Recently I was reading the fourth book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R.Ward [granted it has taken me a few months of dipping in and out of it] and while I was enjoying the pleasure of finally sitting down and reading a lot of emotions were rekindled while I reintroduced myself to the characters and the world I had initially fell in love with. It was in that moment, flicking through the pages and falling deeper in love with characters that felt like old friends that I knew I didn't want to wait another eight more years to jump into the next book. But how could I do that when alone there are more than ten books in the series and I have so many other books waiting for me to read.

The answer is simple – I just do it.

It is not going to be easy. Nothing ever worth doing comes easy. I am in for the ride though. No pressure on myself. Keeping it simple. The way to change a habit or a thought pattern is one baby step at a time.

In the meantime check in next week where I will be answering these questions and feel free to take sometime to read them and think about your reading life. I might even come back with a TAG video.

Make yourself a cuppa – Grab a pen and Journal your thoughts...

How do you continue a series? Do you Marathon it? Skip around with different books in different series to break it up?

Do you only read the first book in a series and is so why?

Do you like a quick rehash of the previous books in the series before you jump into the next one or do you prefer longer backstory?

What are some of your favorite series and why do you continue to read them?

If you are/ were a writer - How do you plan to keep your reader interested in continuing your series?

What makes you want to continue a series?

What makes you not continue with a series?

If you pick up a book that is not the first in a series, will you read it anyway and go back to the first later? Or go to the first and start from there?

What would make you read a series out of order?

What series do you wish could go on forever?

What series do you wish had ended at book one?

I also found some interesting articles that corresponded with the questions. Happy reading and writing readers !

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