Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White


Pages: 288
Published: September 10th 2013 - Harper Teen
Genre: Y.A/ Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Acquired: Own Collection
Date Finished: 14th October 2013

Isadora, the teenage daughter of ancient Egyptian Gods, wants to escape her crazy family forever. But can you run away from fate?

 Quick thoughts : Bewitching, utterly readable, feisty and fascinating 

Kiersten White, Egyptian Mythology, Family drama, a girl travelling across the word. Oh yes please- give me some of that. As soon as I heard about The Chaos of Stars it was added to my wish list, and as soon as I could afford it, it was brought and I was so damn excited to get it in the mail that I had to start it pretty much straight away. Let me tell you this book is like crack [not that I know what that is like – so let's just say it's freaking addicting]

I really liked how Kiersten explored through Isadora the often strained relationship between parents and children. Especially between Mother and Daughter and I really resonated with her internal struggle and desire to break free from family, and the expectations and roles laid out for her as well as the added conflict of having to loose her parents because she isn't immortal. I also really appreciated the contrasting relationships interspersed throughout the novel that reflected on other characters interactions and connections – especially when it concerned parents. The overall theme of rebelliousness verses family blended with life, mythology, death and so many other aspects really added depth to a character who at most times I really struggled to sympathise with because of her attitude. Thankfully I could see through the often petulant internal struggles and outward conflicts of Isadora to appreciate her as a character in the context of the overall story.

I loved that Orian is Greek and Isadora is Egyptian it made a great change culturally as I haven't read to many books that do reflect different ethnic groups. The contrast in cultures both geographically and in terms of character I think was intriguing and done well. I was fascinated by the secret underworld, hidden right underneath the ancient city and tucked away from human eyes- and how the San Diego landscape and populations brings up different feelings in Isadora. Ones of freedom and of homesickness. That coupled with the bringing real historical truths and Mythological facts into a supernatural backdrop – Kiersten really won me over. It is certainly the little things I love to learn about culture that makes a book in my eyes worth reading.

One of my favourite parts of the story as how Orion brought to the surface a part of Isadora locked away. Especially when it came to exploring new food and places and really being open and honest with herself [even when she struggled so hard to keep her true feelings under wraps] Even with the twist near the end I must admit that Orian has to be one of my favourite male characters.

Overall I just loved this book. There were honestly moments of struggle while reading this. Times of confusion and frustration – but what is love without all those things to remind us at the end why we loved it so much in the first place. Because of the beautiful underlining story. The romance that was slow burning, and at times hard to read and the wonderful landscape of emotions and characters who together have so much to offer even with their limited places in the story. For me this is one of the books I will be reading again. I would recommend it if you enjoy a great story, fantastic writing and a great cast of characters who make it worth the read.
I give this one:
Bright shining Orion's. 


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