Friday, February 17, 2012

Sense and Sexuality – You Higashino


Pages: 168

Published: May 6th 2009 by Media Blasters

Genre: Yaio/ Sequential Art

Format: Manga/ Paperback Graphic Novel

Date Finished: 18th February 2012


Masatsugu Hanamura and Kuniomi Takakura are both Japanese nobility and heirs to two separate Marquis families. As childhood friends and rivals, they live hedonistic lifestyles. Their pastime is a friendly competition where they place bets to see who can win their target's affection first. Then one day, Kuniomi makes a passionate confession of love to Masatsugu and... ? What will become of their life altering bet between these two beautiful men... ? A Taisho era love story


I don’t know what it is but lately I have been in the mood for some same sex sexy times and what better way to fuel the desire then to crack open some Manga that has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be devoured for months. Let me start off with a warning, which would probably come as a no brainer to most people, but to me I thought it would be fine to read on the public bus on my journey home. Warning, do not read this in public if you are easily influenced by beautiful pictures and erotic plots- and ladies this one is a scorcher.

I really enjoyed the banter between the two main characters and the ongoing bet that they had between them. Granted that each conquest was different I did however feel that they started to mold into the same thing. But it added to that fantastic build up of friendship and lust that lingered until the confession is made and their lives change forever.

The artwork in black and white was beautiful, not my favorite but still fantastic and had this almost magical feel to it. It wasn’t to graphically details in the sexual department, but it wasn’t one of those stories that you have to conjure up your own images; it was enough to make me want to jump somebody and anxiously flip the pages.

I also love the time era of the novel, one my favorites being 1912, around the time of the Titanic and I believe that it ends of with them being on it which makes me love it even more. Sense and Sexuality is said to have a flair to Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility that I have not read, but the era that this story takes place in has me even more intrigued in reading the original classic and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I am slowly starting to get used to the terms used when it comes to era fiction and I would definitely recommend it to fans of Yaio and Historical influenced romance.



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