Saturday, February 18, 2012

Books I plan on reading in March


Books I want to read in March


These are the Net-Galley books that I am looking forward to reading in March. I am hoping to get to all of them. Time might be tight due to us looking for a house.

The Stubborn Dead

Don't Bite the Messenger

Priestess of the Nile

First Time, Forever

Forbidden Fantasies

Wicked Weekend

Gentlemen Prefer Nerds


Juicy Joy

Hearts that Survive

Brewing Tea Bag’s March Book Club Book

This is our monthly read-along book for March

Something Borrowed

Keri Arthur Book Chat

Circle of Fire

First Books in a series I planned to read [But may not]

First book in series that I want to read that have releases coming out in 2012


Hex Hall


TBR Pile Killer

Books off the shelf before 2012

There You'll Find Me

Shopaholic Abroad



Library Books I Borrowed

Supporting my local library and my addiction – Of course these aren’t set in stone.

Lenobias vow

Twilight Graphic Novel


Moon Over Manifest

The Devil Walks

Saved By An Angel

Books Baguettes and Bedbugs The Left Bank World of Shakespeare and Co_


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