Saturday, July 23, 2011

Books I Really Want...


Flock – Lyn Huges -

Sometimes you have to leave behind what you most love . . .

Sydney, 1950. Following a chance encounter at Central Station, Francis Sprigge and Lilian Powys, two strangers escaping their past, fall in love and move to the Blue Mountains to follow their dream of a creative life. But as Francis immerses himself in his newfound passion for designing exquisite wallpaper, Lilian finds that the life she has always craved is inexplicably beyond her reach, despite her loving husband and their young daughter, Addie. However hard she tries to come to terms with the past, she ends up with more questions than answers, and cracks begin to appear in the family′s harmonious veneer, with startling repercussions.

Nearly thirty years later, Addie returns to the Blue Mountains to lead a small group of conservators in the restoration of a historic house to its nineteenth-century glory. But as they peel back the layers of wallpaper and begin to uncover the secrets of the house, all four find the past resurfacing in unexpected ways. Addie learns much more about herself, Francis and Lilian than she ever could have anticipated.

Flock is a powerful story of talented and passionate people and the ghosts they must lay to rest, as well as a ravishing exploration of the nature of love.

Roadside Sisters – Wendy Harmer –

Meredith, Nina and Annie, three very different friends, are reluctantly approaching middle age and facing the ups and downs of their lives. On a whim they take off on a road trip up the east coast of Australia. A funny, heartwarming, hugely appealing novel about the enduring strength of women's friendships.

Nina, Meredith and Annie have decided to hit the road one more time. It's twenty years since they toured together as members of the gospel choir Sanctified Soul. How far have they all come since then? Do they still have anything in common?

Elegant Meredith, motherly Nina and the determinedly single Annie are as unlikely companions as you could find. But like a matched set of 1950's kitchen canisters of Flour, Sugar and Tea, they always seem to end up together.

When a tropical wedding beckons in Byron Bay, 2000 kilometres from their homes in suburban Melbourne, they make the alcohol-fuelled decision to drive a monster mobile home up the coast for the trip of a lifetime.

Squabbles and secrets, tears and laughter - not to mention the possibility of finding Mr Right along the way - this trip might tear them apart or it might just save their lives.

A funny and heartwarming story of female friendship, Elvis Presley, k.d.lang and a busted annexe, Roadside Sisters is the hugely appealing new novel from one of Australia's favourite comediennes, Wendy Harmer

Murder of a Bookstore Babe- Denise Swanson -

When school psychologist Skye Denison discovers a body crushed by a toppled bookcase in Scumble River's new bookstore, she has to read the clues before she becomes the killer's next work-in-progress...


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