Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2. Crescendo- Becca Fitzpatrick- Book Review


Pages: 427

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Published: 2010

Date Finished: 4th January 2011

The deeper the plot is explored the more I crave the experience of reading such an original and delicious story. I was anticipating, after waiting and longing for answers after reading Hush Hush that I would be disappointed by the way issues were resolved or questions that needed answers. Not only did each chapter keep me captivated [despite being exhausted] but with every twist and turn and question that she set up to be answered I was begging for more- needing to know more. I had to have more intensity and I got what I wanted.

While I am sorry to say that Nora was a little out of character the first few chapters, she picked herself up after the first 100 pages and was more herself. I loved how each character progressed in the story and that each character is not two dimensional. Each had a depth to them that made it irresistible to read. Vee by far is my favourite character. She always makes me laugh and reminds me of someone close to me who has the same raw honesty. It’s often hard for me to picture Nora clearly in my head, but with the rest of the characters I could clearly envision.

Yet again Becca set up each scene with brilliant imagery. My senses were alive and alert even when the action settled down. I love envisioning myself as Nora; seeing life through her eyes and breathing in the intensity of each moment. I also love being able to close my eyes while I take a breath and being able to easily capture the surroundings of the story. I can taste the sweat and the saltiness of her tears. Feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins and search the darkness in the night for the answers to questions both Nora and I need to know.

I love Becca’s writing style with a hungering passion. Each line flows, regardless of how I am feeling. It takes me to a place where I can escape and enjoy the beauty and tragedy of a realistic story within a world of urban fantasy. It does help that I do adore Angel mythology.

The only thing I saw wrong with Crescendo was that It didn’t take me long to guess who the bad guy was. Though whether that was me or not, I am unsure. However it didn’t keep me from guessing and second guessing myself all the way till the end.

If Hush, Hush left me with a mind blowing cliff hanger, than Crescendo ended with an explosion. I was eagerly reading, faster with each turn till the last page where my heart stopped beating and I felt tears swelling in my eyes. Becca Fitzpatrick is a master at suspense and I applaud her for welcoming me into the world she has created. I never want to leave.

I’d recommend this book to lovers or urban fantasy, fantasy, Angel mythology and anyone who is a fan of Y.A reading and Hush, Hush [1st book in the series] If there is another book that follows. You can count on me reading it. I am in love.


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