Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yours For Eternity- Janet Whithead- Book Review


Pages: 221

Rating: C

Published: 2007

Date Finished: 31st December 2010

I didn't really have much expectation for this novel. I picked it up because I wanted something fresh, quick and readable to finish of my own set aim for this years 50 book challenge [my goal is 40] With those expectations I did succeed in my goal and did enjoy the book enough to give it a review for you guys to check out and hopefully respond to with your own review or opinions.

I thought it was humorous that the first two romances[Guilty pleasure romances] that I have read upon deciding to take a challenge to read more older novels were so similar in context yet brilliantly different. Where in 'To Give a Heart Wings” the female main character was the photographer, gender was turned around and I got to see a different side to of the industry.

While in this novel, careers and fashion don't play a big part of the overall plot, I found it compelling to read and found myself feeling the characters motions, her passion and indecision and the pain of her past that was like a recurring nightmare, once buried, now flaunted in her face within the first few chapters.

There were times in the novel where I thought it was a little far fetched, especially when it came to the relationship between the two characters Danielle and Ben. After reaching the halfway mark I realised that beyond the fast paced motion of their relationship that it isn't as uncommon for two people to fall madly and passionately in love [especially in the industry they are from] and to become so close that breathing becomes hard without them. I know anyone reading this book will connect with that feeling and it made the story more realistic in its sadness.

One scene in particular around the 100 page mark had be baffled. I was taken back by the authors choice to portray the character like she did and what happened didn't sit right with me on many levels. It outraged me, but still managed to encouraged me to continue reading even though the circumstance was devastating.

For an tensely, quick read I would strongly recommend reading Yours for Eternity. It kept me involved for the most part and I could connect with the characters emotions and reasoning of the characters. However some parts were dull to read and didn't have me wanting to turn pages and I often found myself dog-earring them to do something else. Which is why I am giving this book a C- It wasn't astounding, but it wasn't a let down either.


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