Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you ever crave crappy books ???


Do you ever crave crappy books – Response to Why I love Crappy Books


For me I often just read for enjoyment. Many genres, themes, books can be classed as crappy, but it really depends on the person and often the mood at times. I think it's wrong t ocall certain books crappy, but am often conflicted with giving an honest opinion and being harsh. In the end this question is hard to define, but easy enough for me to answer. Ah- the contradictions.

I crave books that people might see as crappy. My weakest hunger is old fashioned Mills and Boon, Love swept, Sweet Valley High, paperback fiction. I love looking in charity shops and second hand places for these books. Because they are cheap [usually costing me 20 cents] & easy to hold and take with me in my handbag. I also love that they are quick reads, most of the time with messages and inspiration. I love them because they feel like dirty pleasures. My crappy collection of romance books that people see and cringe. I love them.

To me though, if a book is crappy it goes into my DNF [Did Not Finish] collection. But I still crave many books that the fans and media still class as being crappy.

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