Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Power - Rhonda Bryne - Book Review


The Power

After reading 'The Secret' I knew I had to read Rhonda Bynes latest book 'The Power'. I decided from now till the end of 2011 that I was going to embark on a spiritual journey, that would lead me towards many books and different perspectives for my life. The Power was another captivating book to begin my journey with.

Rather than share the things I disliked about the book [which were next to nothing] I'd like to share with you a few pointers that made The Power such an enjoyable and challenging experience in itself.

The first thing I noticed about this book was the beautiful artwork featured not only on the cover, but throughout the book. Each page is different from your usual blank page and is decorated in an array of colour and warm patterns and pictures that invites you in and made me as the reader feel uplifted and happy while reading. Even on my bad days when I was feeling sick, I could still open the book up and read through the illness because visually it drew me in.

Much like with 'The Secret' the writing was challenging and thought provoking, only where 'The Secret' Incorporates many living people and their own personal stories and quotes, 'The Power' sticks with many wonderfully chosen quotes and is written otherwise by Rhonda. I believe she has found the perfect balance between image and words and each page is a turner.

One of my favourite parts of 'The Power' was Rhonda's metaphors for horses and what she chose to use them as in her mind. For example; when she was angry, she would picture an angry horse in her head and trying to mount it and it would make her laugh. She then went on to say that if you get on any horse, like any emotion, you can just as easily get of it as well. It is a matter of choice.

It is helpful suggestions, easy to imagine and play with yourself in your mind that connects me me and really clicks in the back of my mind. I have read so many self-help/spiritual/new age books in my reading life and not many I have really taken much form, even if I have tried. These are simple games that you can do anywhere, anytime for however long you want and they are free and will make your life positive and enriched with love and happiness.

Love is the key to gratitude and is shared on every page, in every topic. Rhonda asks questions that make you ask your own and provoke you to think more about the little things in life and how such a small thing can make a lot of different in harming or uplifting your look on life. Her Key points are not hard to digest and this book is an easy read. It's not what you take from it that is important, but opening your heart, body and mind to love even in the worst of times.

You won't have needed to read 'The Secret' in order to read 'The Power', but if you haven't read it already I strongly recommend it if you are interested in self-help/spiritual/new age books. I'd like to note that neither are religious, but prefer to talk about the universe and you as the creator of your own. In saying that anyone can read it, at any age and with many interest – even if sceptical. Rhonda is not out to preach but to share her knowledge and hope that someone will take it inside their hearts and use it to change their life.

***** 5 Stars


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