Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Musings - Comfort Books


Monday Musings

What’s your favourite “cozy” book — and, by that, I’m meaning “curl-up-on-a-cold-day comfort read“? Or, if you don’t have a particular book, what genre do you most feel like reading when the weather starts to turn colder?

Back when I used to read more in a month than I do in an entire year, I used to just eat up books like they would be burned the next day. Nowadays I tend to have very selective tastes when I am wanting to curl up for hours on end in underneath my cosy blankets with a good book and a hot tea.

I tend to find if I am reading a thriller I can spend hours tucked underneath the blankets, not wanting to leave at all. But it appears to me now when asking myself the question that I tend to get lost in two types of books at all hours of the day and night when it comes to a comfort read.

One of these genre's or types of books are writing books. These are how-to's and shared experiences when it comes to authors or the craft of writing itself. I can read these for hours and usually end up stopping to write down an array of fab and not so fab ideas that churn out at all hours when I am reading these books. They are a comfort to me, especially in the colder weather because not only do I read them in bed, but on the bus and it seems to take my mind of the depressing weather and life in general to a place where I can be inspired – rain or hail.

The other type of book I like reading, and that are a comfort to me are a mixture of romance, humour,ect. An example of this kind of book would be The Sugar Queen, a novel I read and reviewed earlier this year. I don't know how I would categorise these books, but they aren't just for woman, but are aimed at women. I guess you would call them chick-lit. They usually have a happy ending regardless of how utterly shitful of perfect the main characters life stars out at the start of the novel.

I am also gearing towards reading more spiritual books as a comfort read. Because not only are they a guilty pleasure for me, but they challenge me even when I am not in the mindset to read something a little more depth. Which is usually the case when it is cold or overly hot because I tend to get really sleepy. Yes- I am weak.

It is my aim next year to read more of these books because they do bring comfort to me. Throughout all seasons of the year, not just the cold seasons. Noting of course that all the cold seasons have left and it is spring, soon to be summer.

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