Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EBook Review - On Creative Writing- Linda A. Lavid


Ebook Reviews 2010

A meme dedicated to reviewing Free Ebooks. Accompanied with each review I will link you to the page where you can download it if you wish.

On Creative Writing- Linda A. Lavid

Fiction demands a working knowledge of many points of craft that can be taught and learned. And while mastering craft can be daunting, each one of us has skills to meet the challenge. In fact, the quality most needed is neither talent nor knowledge but the mad, unrelenting desire to tell a story. And with this passion, walk to the end of the diving board, loosen your shoulders, and take the plunge.


This quick to read Ebook, totalling at 48 pages was not only insightful, but helpful with tips I'd never seen explained so clearly.

Her digestible dot points made noting and remembering information easily and the book has given me a clear direction on how to briefly outline my own writing:staying focused and on track.

Linda covers each short chapter from getting started to re-writing your work in a refreshing way. Overlooking heavy academic lectures for crisp- to the point knowledge.

Link: Click- On Creative Writing


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