Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EBook Review : Guide To Writing Your First Book – Onaefe U. Edebi


Ebook Reviews 2010

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Guide To Writing Your First Book – Onaefe U. Edebi

This book is about learning and development. The writer you are or are aspiring to be can always still be improved as long as you create a room for constant improvement and development. In this book, you’ll be empowered with an easy step-by-step guide on improving your writing skills through the use of the DREW system.


I didn't agree with his opinions on writing Journals. I understand that editing a journal/Writers Notebook would be a good practice to embark on, but in my mind it is not practical and I couldn't see myself or any writers I know editing the gem of freedom that comes from a Writers Journal.

However his DREW System made a lot of sense and is something I would/could apply to my writing. I also liked the way he set up the article/book with boxes of text and short chapters.

I wouldn't call this an Ebook, as much as an article spanning a short sum of Twenty-Five pages, but for someone keen or dabbling in writing it is a great starting point for research.

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