Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mid March Short Story Reviews: Two


Short Story Reviews March
Both stories recieved 
4 ★★★★ Stars
For sexy satisfaction

It’s Just Sext – The Right Kind of Wrong [#1]

She swore it was ‘just sext’, and nothing more…

Quick thoughts:  Real, Honest and sexy taboot

I wanted a quick, sexy read with real emotion and delicious sex. I got that and a little slice more.
Its Just Sex is a fun, fast and great taste of Felice’s writing. It was an emotionally engrossing and Felice managed to take one of my pet peeves in erotic fiction and turn it on its head and for that I enjoyed it all the more and found the characters endearing.  I must admit there were times in this short story where I was grinning and other times when I felt the need to jump someone’s bones. I would recommend this short read, it was light, emotional and hit all the right spots.
Also From what I read of the excerpts at the book Felic Fox writing style is one to see for yourself. It has just the right mixture of humor, sass, reality, emotion and naughtiness.  I do know there is another book featuring the two main characters Lauren and Marc, but damn I wish I could read more about them in deeper length in one book.

A is for Anal- Malia Mallory

Grace is more than willing to open that door.

Quick thoughts: Great naughty read.

A is for Anal is a fantastic bite of fantasy that left me feeling the heat, but left me sated at the end. With its sensual characters, languid sexual nature and its straight forward but cheeky sex scene I found this an enjoyable read and a great taste for Malia’s writing style. If you are looking for a naughty read, are interested in trying your hand at something a little different this would be a great book to indulge in. Likable, realistic and quick don’t pass up this free short story. I look forward to reading a more full bodied story from Malia in the future.

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