Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flowers in the Rain and Other Stories - Rosamunde Pilcher


Pages: 290
Published: July 1992 St Martins Press
Genre: Contemporary/ Women’s Fiction
Format: Paperback
Acquired: Local Library
Date Finished: 13th May 2012

Rosamunde Pilcher....She makes you laugh....She makes you cry....She takes you to a world of hope and romance....And into the lives of people you'll never forget.She's Rosamunde Pilcher,America's most beloved storyteller....And this is her gift to you.

My Thoughts:
Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a cold miserable day in autumn and there is not even a slither of sunshine in the sky. You’re so cold that your lips hurt and the heater is churning out warmth just like an old fashioned fireplace. A stew is cooking on the stove and there is a fresh pot of hot strong tea brewing. You’re in your jammies, with big fluffy socks and you’re snuggled up in bed.  All you want to do is curl up and read a good book, but not just any good book, something that will keep you warm, entertained, enthralled. 

 I recently picked up Flowers in the rain from my local library, loving the synopsis and willing to try something different. This book was so wonderfully warm and just beautifully written that it just completed my time to relax and recuperate and reminded me of the many reasons I love reading in the first place. Flower’s in the rain is that book, the book I was searching for without really searching for it.

It takes me back to my childhood with the style of writing that is reminiscent of the times of Enid Blyton. You know that old fashioned funny way of talking, that doesn’t really matter a hell of a lot because the descriptions, imagery and everything about the story just makes you want to keep reading. I got the same delicious and comforting feeling reading Rosamunde’s writing that I did as a child, wrapped up in blankets in the winter escaping into stories set in chilly climates with tales of family, friendship, love, travel and all that beauty and heartache that life is. 

I enjoyed every story and tried to rate them using my system, but this book is to good and while not entirely original, she has a spin on each story that was refreshing and so very cozy I cannot help but recommend this book to anyone. I do think it will more so appeal to women, but I am not discluding men who love a good romance book. 

 Being this is the first book of hers that I have read I am super excited to pick up another book or three and while I won’t go into detail about each story [ that would spoil the surprise] I just loved this book and I love hearing your thoughts and opinions on new authors. Have you tried any new authors this year that you would recommend. Let me know in the comments. And remember, if you have read this book feel free to let me know your thoughts and if you do take me up on my recommendation I would love to hear your thoughts also.

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I am giving this 4 Hot Chocolate Stars : 


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