Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting Pregnant the Natural Way - Deborah Gordon, M.D


D.S Feingold and Deborah Gordon M.D

Pages: 272

Published: October 30th 2000 by John Wiley & Sons

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Health/ Conception

Format: Paperback

Finished: 20th March 2012

Recommended: Yes – 5 star

Acquired: Local Library – Must buy.


Natural and alternative methods women can use to become pregnant are explored in this guidebook that kicks off a series of new books on natural methods and therapies for women.

Review Thoughts:

This book was by far one of the most helpful and life altering Non-Fiction books I have ever read. Covering everything I needed to know with an approach that I am comfortable with this book was a bible with finding an alternative to my current health related ailments and how to get on top of them in the most natural ways that are both beneficial for pregnancy, but also beneficial for overall lasting health.

For anyone with Infertility or suffering from a reproductive illness, this book is definitely for you. Ranging in issues from Herbal remedies to vitamins, mind and body, information and exercise suggestions this was a gem right when I needed it and I will certainly be buying this book for myself. It was extensive, easy to understand; it has examples of programs used by professionals in several fields and had an overall positive message; You can get pregnant, and even those who cannot when medically declared infertile still have the chance and choices to mend that.

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