Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Wedding of Antanasia Jessica Packwood and Lucius Valeriu Vladescu (Jessica #1.5)


Pages: 90

Published: 2009 Self Published- Beth Fantaskey

Genre: Y.A/ Paranormal/Supernatural

Date Finished: January 16th 2012


The on-line story about Jessica's and Lucius' wedding. Read it for free from the author website.

Review/ thoughts:

Rather than do a review on this novella, I would just like to share my brief thoughts on this ebook version that you can find on Beth Fantaskey’s website.

I was a big fan of the first book in the series, Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, and when I heard that there was a middle book between the first and the second; which I have in my pile to read, I decided I would rather read it in case there was something I missed when starting the second book. Also it was free – so why the hell not.

It was cute, it lacked substance of course, but it wasn’t really meant to progress the story any further than giving the fans something delicious to feed their desires between reading the books. I liked it, and it was worth the read and in some places it made me fantasize about what I dreamed about for a wedding. It was romantic and easy to read and while it did confuse me in some places as it was a little jumpy I would recommend it for fans of the first book and for those wanting to carry on with the series.


Link to the Wedding :

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