Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost New Years !!!


Wow 2011 already over? I must say this year has been a crazy one and for many reasons – mostly bookish. I think my collection has more than doubled, on account of the first few months of the year being high buying with my impulse to ‘Must have’ books. I am only hoping 2012 will be the great year of reading and getting those books off my shelf, and less buying – ah practicing more self restraint.

Next year I am participating in a few challenges, ones that will interconnect with each other, often crossing paths and easing my mind. These will be listed below and there is a link to these on the right hand bar, as well as to my own self created challenge- Chick Lit related.

I am more than excited to get started on next year’s reading list and know that if I want to reach my goal this year I will need to up the ante and start reading more and spend less time on the internet. I will need to be at least finishing books within 3 days, although I do know with some books that it isn’t possible and in those times I will let it be what it is. Along with that I kick start the year with my Chunky book on the month – The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn and from my off the shelf challenge combining with many others – Falling Under by Gwen Hayes.

I have two stray books from my challenge this year that I won’t be adding to this year’s list or next years, but will be doing reviews on which is Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani and Freedom from Toxic Relationships by Avril Carruthers ;Both which are taking forever to read, but need that time to take in. This is a first for me not to panic and force myself to finish these before midnight. With everything going on right now I wouldn’t mind a night off and I cannot wait till the clock turns over so I can settle down for a great read. [That is if I am home by midnight]

So here’s to a good year of reading and blogging. I am hoping to be going back to college next year and maybe even find that Job I am searching for. The right balance. I need it. Good Luck all you readers and bloggers out there and let me know what your reading goals are for January. Thank you for your support.

Challenges in 2012:

· TBR Pile

· Zombie Challenge

· Sophomore Challenge

· Harry Potter

· Off the Shelf

· Horror and Urban Fantasy

· Speculative Romance

· Chick-lit Challenge

· 100 books

· Y.A Contemporary

Wow a lot I know but I have a good feeling it will be a wonderful year.

Xx Blair


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