Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girl In The Mirror - Cecelia Ahern


Pages: 90

Published: March 3rd 2011 by HarperCollins

Date Finished: 17th October 2011

Shelf Recommendation: Borrow/ Buy [only if cheap]

Rating: 3.5 Stars ***


Two powerful and unforgettable stories from the Number One bestselling author

Girl in the Mirror

Lila knows how lucky she is to have found the man of her dreams. But when a secret from her family's past comes to light on her wedding day, her destiny changes in the most unexpected of ways…

The Memory Maker

They say you never forget your first love. But what happens when those cherished memories start to fade? Some people would do anything to hold on to the past and, for one heartbroken man, that means finding a way to relive those precious moments…



The girl in the mirror: This one played on my mind a lot, even after I finished reading it, which to me is a sign of a good story. Not a usual fan for short stories, this one right away captured my attention and played with my emotions, tossing them around like yarn in a kittens paw. I loved Grellie and really felt for Lila and couldn’t imagine being stuck in her situation. It makes my skin crawl to think about. Both haunting and unnerving this eerie story was a joy to read.


The Memory Maker: To begin with this story was repetitive and read more like a template than a short story. This short story had promise, but I would have preferred this story to be fleshed out more. It would make for one hell of a novel. The premise is fascinating; a mind altering machine, if anything the concept is what caught my attention and kept me reading. It was very remising of the time machine and it will stick with me for a long while too.

Overall: A truly enjoyable escape for the weekend.

It was easy to read, engrossing and a little bit freaky. Pick this short book up if you enjoy chick-lit /cross over genres; as this had horror and historical elements as well. I haven’t read any books by Cecelia Ahern, so I am looking forward to jumping in and checking them out soon.

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  1. I think that if Cecelia focused her efforts on the first short story and extended it into a full blown book, she would've done a much better job at it.