Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side- Beth Fantaskey: Book Review


Pages: 354

Published: 2009

Date Finished: 27th January 2011

Rating: 4.5

I could find hardly any fault with this novel. It was a wonderful change to read a unique young adult novel with touches of both modern and classical vampire lore.

Jessica was a realistic and believable character and I enjoyed her journey from beginning to end. Unlike a lot of novels that have the female fall immediately in love with the character, Beth Fantasky explored the old fashioned form of courtship and the ever growing tension and suspense between Jessica [Antanasia] and Lucias kept me reading, loving every moment.

Lucias while arrogant is a swoon worthy character and his courage and willingness to understand Jessica’s world was what made him a respectable character. The only two issues I had with the story were Jessica’s parent’s flakiness at the beginning and Jessica’s reactions to Faith. A lot of times I wished Jessica would grow a back bone and stand up for herself, especially when Faith was being rude to her in her own home.

The language used was exquisite and the descriptions delicious. I immediately took to Beth’s writing style, loving how it flowed effortlessly. She drew me into her world and didn’t have me comparing her style to anyone. She set a bar for me in young adult vampire fiction and is certainly up there with Richelle Mead and Melissa De La Cruz.

Don’t let the cover or the title make your final decision in picking up this book. Whether you are a fan of vampires or not, I urge you to pick it up and sate your curiosity. I am positive that you will not be disappointed. This book has no comparisons, to me it is unique and I loved that about Jessica’s Guide To Dating on The Dark Side. I will certainly be checking out Beth’s other novel; Jekyl Loves Hyde.

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  1. Great review.... I am going to have to add this to my wish list now... I so want to read this one :-)